The Cambodian Physical Therapy Association celebrated World Physical Therapy Day 2015 with the theme “Promoting health through physical therapy”.

The association’s objectives of the day were to:

  • promote and share the advantages and important roles of physical therapists for patients and people with disabilities to other health professions, high school students and their families
  • provide physical therapy interventions to patients or people with disabilities
  • strengthen and promote the awareness of physical therapy education to improve the development of human resources and contribute to the reduction of the impact of disability in Cambodia
  • be responsible as a member of CPTA in celebrating this international physical therapy day and promote the role of the CPTA in Cambodia.

A free physical therapy clinic was held on the day, along with presentations and discussion sessions.

Three popular television stations (Bayon, CNC and Ramsey Hang Meas) broadcast information about the day and how physical therapy helps patients, and the important role it plays in the community.