World Physical Therapy Day has been celebrated countrywide by members of the Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association (BPA).

A central rally was held from Central Shaheed Minar (national monument) to the National Press club in the morning in which physiotherapists and students took part.

In Savar the CRP and BPA jointly organised a rally in 64 districts of Bangladesh, as well as free health camps and an awareness programme on physiotherapy.

Different physiotherapy institutions, including NITOR, BHPI, Gono University, IHT Dhaka & Rajshahi, SAIC & SCHS also organised a rally and awareness programmes.

A scientific workshop on "Geriatric physiotherapy" was held in central Dhaka.

Government. TV channel BTV and private channels broadcast awareness programmes and news reports, radio stations and BBC Bangla broadcast a programme and daily newspapers published articles and news.

BPA also published its official scientific journal on the occasion of World PT Day and published posters, banners and other awareness raising materials.

It was the largest celebration of World Physical Therapy Day in Bangladesh.