As for the past five years, the Association Beninoise des Kinesitherapeutes - Reeducateurs also celebrated World Physical Therapy Day in 2016.

The celebrations were organised around the theme of physiotherapy and aging. Events took place in three different cities across the country. In addition to these events, coverage to the day was given by TV and radio channels, which included the broadcasting of a documentary on physiotherapy.

The general objective of all the activities was to "contribute to the improvement of knowledge of physiotherapy by the general public and health professionals in particular". The activities included several presentations which were made to the general public and to health personnel, highlighting the importance of physiotherapy.

The various authorities present promised to support the development of physiotherapy in their various localities. In addition, the health professionals present promised to better collaborate with physiotherapists for the well-being of the population. The members of the general public invited to these different events have become more aware of the benefits that physiotherapy can bring and of the various physiotherapy services that exist in the area.