The Ottawa Hospital

For World Physical Therapy Day The Ottawa Hospital‘s (TOH) physiotherapists presented the senior leaders with a steps challenge to see who could accumulate the most steps from dawn until 8:00 pm Using their phones, Fitbits or any device that counts steps, they set off, walking to work, walking during meetings and walking for exercise.

Embracing this year’s ‘Add Life to Years’ theme, the TOH physiotherapists wanted to find a fun way to raise some awareness – walking was chosen as a simple activity that can help anyone live a healthier life.

When Dr. Viren Naik, Vice-President of Education, had 7,500 steps by 6:45 a.m., it was clear that the TOH Steps Challenge was off to a competitive start. Taking up the challenge, Dr. Renate Ilse, Vice-President of Clinical Programs, braved the rainy weather and moved many of her meetings outside so her team could do laps around the General and Civic campuses. Her total of 36,054 steps was tops amongst senior leaders for the day.


McGill University

World Physical Therapy Day 2016 was a very successful event at McGill University. Students from the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy promoted the profession and answered any questions related to physiotherapy.  

Pamphlets and flyers related to the profession and the theme of this year’s event, "Add Life to Years," were given out. A bake sale was held in order to raise funds for the Physical Therapy Foundation of Canada. 

A game of jeopardy was played by students and staff. The aim of this game was to eliminate any misconceptions related to the profession and provide information regarding our expertise in various fields. Students and staff enjoyed the game and were very thankful for the knowledge they received. 

It was a fun and purposeful day!