In Iceland, physical therapists at various places set their mark to celebrate World Phyisical Therapy Day 2016. Iceland University Hospital offered exercise during the lunchbreak, Reykjalundur rehabilitation centre had special PT activities at the swimming pool for patients and staff, a few homes for the elderly had special PT exercises and educational programmes, as well as a special dancing lesson from a PT. Some private practicing PTs opened their clinics for the public.

The Icelandic Physiotherapy Association put an advertisment in the most wide-spread national news paper.

Social media projects:

The Icelandic Physiotherapy Association got special greetings from a 100 year old former gym teacher, which was circulated via social media both domestically and internationally:

We asked our members to put a special status on their private facebook pages claiming that they are proud PTs. At least 20% of our members did that, as well as share the WCPT material we put out at regular intervals on the day.

The president of the association, as well as the president of the subgroup for PTs working with older people, had their articles published in a web-version of two newspapers.

The Icelandic PTs were pleased with the attention they received on this day and thank WCPT for the preparation and materials that we could use.