To celebrate World Physical Therapy Day 2016, the Macau Physical Therapists Association (MPTA) translated the “Add Life to Years” poster into Chinese and delivered copies of these to local elderly and family service centres to raise awareness of the profession. In addition, to tie in with the theme of “Add Life to Years”, the MPTA organised a “World Physical Therapy Day 2016 – Macau” campaign on the 4th September, 2016. The campaign was aimed at raising the health concerns of the general public, improving their knowledge on how to exercise correctly and the prevention of aging‐related problems. It also enhanced the public’s understanding of the different roles of physical therapists in health promotion, exercise prescription, and disease prevention.

With the current global demographic trends, it is expected that approximately 20% of the world population will be aged 60 and over by 2050. In order to age healthily and gracefully, and to live a bright life, the focus should not only be about caring for the existing elderly population, but at the same time promoting ways of disease prevention and general health enhancement to adolescent populations. Therefore, two exercise classes named “Stress reduction stretching class” and “General fitness exercise class” were held during the campaign. The MPTA also ran two health promotion lectures on “How to prevent and reverse sarcopenia” and “Active aging, Healthy aging” during the day of the campaign. Four different health assessment stations including the “Time up and go test”, “Standing reach test”, “1‐legged standing balance test” and “4 square step test” were set up in order for the participants to understand their current health status and to promote their health awareness. Not only did the participants experience the fun of exercising, they also gained an improved understanding for the profession of physical therapy.