KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital

On the 3rd September 2016 the KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital celebrated World Physical Therapy Day. The rehab team conducted a programme and events in the hospital to celebrate the important role of physical therapy to the society. Hence, under the umbrella of this year theme “Add Life to Years”, the hospital organised several activities for honourable customers, guest, consultants and hospital employees to participate.Including:

  • a group of elderly performing Qi Gong & Tai chi
  • a video Presentation on how physical therapists help emphasise on the importance of exercises for better quality of life
  • a lecture on the importance of balance training exercises


INTI International University, Nilai, Malaysia.

On the 6th, 7th, and 8th September 2016, INTI Physio Club from INTI International University, Nilai, Malaysia celebrated World Physical Therapy Day 2016. Over 500 people including students and members of the public attended the event.

Under the general theme of “Add life to years”, INTI World Physio Day 5.0 introduced the campaign “Sweat It Out”. The theme aimed to rectify sedentary people’s mind-sets by introducing various methods to exercise without requiring expensive gym equipment or facilities.

The activities that took place during the 3-day event were:

  • a World Physical Therapy Day information booth
  • free health screening
  • exercise demonstration using yoga mats and resistance bands
  • a dice drill challenge
  • a strength and endurance competition
  • a beep test competition


Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur (GKL)

GKL celebrated World Physical Therapy Day on 10th September 2016. The focus of the celebration was to promote ACTIVE LIVING through aerobic exercise and a walkathon.

On the day of event, activities included:

  • aerobic exercise
  • walkathon
  • physiotherapy screening tests
  • handouts
  • education and information video presentation
  • WPTD door gifts

A total of 180 participants, consisting of clinical and non-clinical staff, doctors, patients and members of the public, took part in the fun-filled events. World Physical Therapy Day 2016 again created awareness on the benefits of exercise for people both with and without disabilities.