This year the Malta Association of Physiotherapists (MAP) celebrated World Physical Therapy Day on 10th September 2016. Working within this year’s “Add life to years” campaign, MAP and “Active for Life” (MAP’s special interest group for older persons) collaborated together to organise their main event. The activity included supervised exercise followed by a walk aimed at older adults, as well as the general public. Pedometers were distributed to the general public whilst advice on exercise promotion and public health was given by physiotherapists. MAP Future (MAP’s student and early career professionals group) also assisted by manning water stations, assisting older adults with their exercises and explaining pedometer use to participants. A press release was issued and the event was promoted through local newspapers, social media, local councils and via flyers.

Other activities organised to celebrate the day included:

  • exercise classes for elderly residents
  • games and classes for children and their parents/guardians
  • exercise classes for the general public
  • a fall prevention programme was launched
  • pilates classes for hospital employees