Several physical therapy institutions and departments carried out numerous events around the country to celebrate World Physical Therapy Day 2016. Most of the activities centred around this year’s “Add Life to Years” campaign.

Activities included:

  • Walkathons
  • Prize giving
  • Donation of wheelchair
  • Yoga sessions
  • Poster displays
  • Poster competitions
  • Interactive discussion sessions
  • Work station ergonomics and prevention of work station injuries
  • Aerobic sessions
  • Rallies
  • Fall prevention awareness
  • Lectures
  • Fitness challenges with members of the public and school children
  • Digital poster presentation
  • Quiz
  • Physiotherapy model exhibition
  • Physiotherapy awareness talks and lectures
  • Free physiotherapy camps
  • Essay competition
  • Awareness programme on posture and ergonomics
  • Fitness screening camps

Reports were received from the following organisations: