KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital

On the 8th September KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital celebrated World Physical Therapy Day. The rehab team conducted a programme in the hospital to celebrate the important role of physical therapy to society. An exhibition was held consisting of several booths such as Sports Injury, Work related Musculoskeletal Disorder, Cardio-Respiratory, Paediatric, Stroke and Women’s Health. In addition the following activities were held under the umbrella of this year theme “Physical activity for life:

  • a mat exercises class
  • health screening and education
  • a theraband exercise and relaxation breathing exercise demonstration
  • National Woman Field Hockey Gold Medalist Athlete and National Woman badminton Single Gold Medalist were invited to take part


Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur (GKL)

GKL celebrated World Physical Therapy Day on 8 September 2017.  The focus for this year was to promote being “Active for Life” with some fun challenges/games.

Activities carried out on the day included a plank challenge, a cup stacking challenge, ball dribbling challenges and movement assessment screening was done. A prize gift for the winners for each challenges were handed out and door gifts were available for all participant. A video was also created to promote the department. A total of 60 participants consisting of clinical and non-clinical staff, doctors, patients and public took part in the fun filled event.

The WPTD 2017 again created awareness of the importance of being physically active and the role physiotherapists play to help others achieve it.


INTI International University

INTI had a total of 600 participants in the three days with the theme “FIX IT PHYSIO”. Ninety students were recruited and a total of nine health check stations were set up including wellness checking (BMI, waist to hip ratio, blood pressure), sit and reach, postural screening, balance, cardiorespiratory (step up test), curl up, hand grip, consultation, exercise demonstration, and TENS and electrical stimulation in extra station. A total of 450 free goodies bags were also distributed to the participants. The events were a success and considered a real achievement.