In order to celebrate World Physiotherapy Day, The physiotherapy community in Malta held a series of events revolving around this year’s theme ‘Physical Activity for Life’.

The Malta Association of Physiotherapists (MAP) started off a three week awareness campaign where every three days a poster promoting a safe and easy physical activity was launched through social media. The MAP also made use of the ‘Improve your Move with Physiotherapy’ video which was endorsed by the ER-WCPT.

On 9th September, the event organised by the MAP took place. It was aimed at the general public so as to increase awareness regarding the importance of physical activity and the role of physiotherapists in this. Members of the MAP committee, physiotherapists and physiotherapy students came together to set up the event. This event was organised in collaboration with MOVE Malta who set up a football pitch and a variety of traditional Maltese games, Malta Health Student Association (MHSA) who measured blood pressure and blood glucose levels and Slackliner Malta who set up a slackline to promote balance training in persons of all ages. There were also dance classes being carried out by a trained dancer, and a Pilates class was given by a trained physiotherapist. The general public were encouraged to participate in all of the events.