To mark World Physical Therapy Day 2017, the Institute of Physiotherapy at the School of Health Professions of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.  Around 180 younger and older visitors took the opportunity to move and test their fitness at various activity stations.

Too many children today are too inactive. The Federal Office for Sport recommends at least one hour daily of moderate to high intensity activity or sport. Daily exercise is essential for both physical and mental development and to prevent the onset of chronic diseases. Although pupils sit a great deal, sport is a school subject that quickly becomes a focus of discussion when it comes to cutting lessons. This is wrong, as Ralph König from the Zürich Sports Office explained in his lecture “Children and young people in school sports”. In her presentation, Cornelia Neuhaus, lecturer in paediatric physiotherapy, not only discussed the issue of activity, but also the importance of parents as role models. In order to motivate parents in this, families performed all the activity stations together. Young and old challenged each other in balancing, jumping, running slalom, as well as in strength and stability. At one activity site, families were able to put various equipment and games to the test. All activity stations were supervised by experienced paediatric physiotherapists and physiotherapy students.