To celebrate World Physical Therapy Day 2017, the Taiwan Physical Therapy Association (TPTA) held a series of events.

  • Sponsoring of ATlife, the largest exhibition of assistive devices in Taiwan. TPTA, together with National Federation of PT Societies, set up a booth with various promotional activities to teach the public how to improve health by exercise and how to choose the right assistive devices.
  • 18 health promotional activities were held across Taiwan by physical therapists from August to September to mark the day. These programmes, ranged from a back/neck school and balance training to stretching or bone strengthening exercises and a treasure hunt

Compared to previous years, for 2017 more activities were conducted within the community and targeted at ordinary older or pre-frail people in the neighbourhood, rather than in hospital/clinics. TPTA believes this is a good step forward for Taiwan physical therapists to do more in direct health promotion than just traditional rehabilitation.