United Arab Emirates

Emirates Physiotherapy Society

The Emirates Physiotherapy Society (EPS) highlighted the significance of World Physiotherapy Day to its members and the entire community of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) via numerous ways. Members were provided with various resources to share or download within their links and practices which included infographics, videos and photos circulated via our social media platform to use around the country holding different events to encourage the significance of good physical health for improved mental health. 

Several physical therapy institutions and departments in the UAE carried out events to celebrate World Physical Therapy Day 2018. Most of the activities focused around this year’s “Physical Activity and Mental Health” theme. Events comprised awareness programs, exercise classes and seminars.

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Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center

On World Physical Therapy Day, the Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center (CMRC) organised special events for patients at their Al Ain and Abu Dhabi facilities.

Dr. Howard Podolsky, CEO, CMRC, said, “At CMRC, we recognise the significance of this day and that’s why we decided to celebrate it this year with our doctors, therapists, patients and their families. Our team of expert therapists play a key role in the lives of our patients, bringing them mobility and relief. It was great to see the entire CMRC community get together to spread the message and share some great moments. I am happy to announce that from now, we will be celebrating this day every year.”

During the celebration, patients and their families participated in various activities and learnt about simple, yet effective wellbeing techniques from CMRC doctors and therapists.