Physio Austria celebrated World Physical Therapy Day 2018 with the following activities:

Austria's physiotherapists organised the "Long Night of Physiotherapy" in the province of Salzburg. More than 30 practices, and therefore more than a hundred physiotherapists, participated in this event inviting patients and the general public to the individual locations in order to let them find out more about the essential work of physiotherapists. A website was created, famous athletes were interviewed and basic information on methods of treatment were given:

As in 2017, two physiotherapists from Vienna offered pregnant women and neo-mums free workouts and guidance in a public park. The two experienced physiotherapists offer outdoor-workouts on a regular basis, enabling mothers and pregnant women to join the training with their pushchairs, babies and small children. Usually clients are charged 15,- Eur to join the workout. On the World Physical Therapy Day interested women and experienced clients were invited to join the workout for free. 76 (!) women seized a chance and joined on September 8th, which is considered a huge success.