Peter Bruynooghe, the chairman of the Belgian professional association, AXXON marked World Physical Therapy Day by drawing attention to the importance of the physiotherapy profession in the medical process. 

"That is necessary, because people too often underestimate the importance of our profession. As a Belgian professional association, AXXON participates with great enthusiasm in this important day. Without physiotherapists, the world would not run that smoothly at all. People underestimate the impact of physiotherapy on society. Thanks to our treatments, people not only stay on their feet longer, but we also contribute significantly to an improved quality of life. Moreover, we offer great savings to the public health budget through prevention."

Their patients were at the heart of this year's campaign. They posed during their treatment with their physio for a photo, the photos were then placed on a poster demonstrating the versatility of the work. This versatility not only has an impact on the patient, but also contributes to a sustainable medical treatment that ultimately benefits the entire society.

The poster was subsequently made available for download by AXXON's members to display in their own practices, waiting rooms, institutions or windows. In addition, blank versions of the posters were created so that colleagues could take their own photographs with patients and personalise the campaign to them.