Sri Lanka

Physio Life Care

To celebrate World Physical Therapy Day 2018, The Physio life care Sri Lanka held a series of events with eight months of activities. Celebrations began with Dr. Sujeewa Weerasinghe making an address in which he encouraged the congregation to move more...

  • With the Chartered society of physiotherapy, a booth was set up with various promotional activities to teach the public how to improve mental and physical health through exercise and how to choose the correct exercise program..
  • 26 health promotional activities were held across Sri Lanka by physical therapists from January to September to mark the day. These programmes ranged from a static exercise and balance training to stretching or bone strengthening exercises and a treasure hunt
  • 18 workshops for elders were held showing how can daily exercise are essential for both physical and mental development and prevent the onset of chronic diseases.

Physio life care also held a public lecture and panel discussion to discuss the campaign which was focused around the following key messages and physical therapy and mental health through exercise.

  • Exercise as an evidence-based treatment for depression.
  • The role of physical therapists working with patients who may have mental health issues.
  • The benefits of physical activity in protecting against the emergence of depression.
  • How better outcomes are experienced when exercise is delivered by a qualified health care professional, such as a physical therapist...

8 workshops for pregnant women were additionally held to develop knowledge and attitude about prenatal and postnatal physical activities.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (Sri Lanka)

In view of marking World Physiotherapy Day, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (Sri Lanka) conducted a series of events during the year.
The objective of this programme was to enhance the awareness of the public about prevention, pre and post management of physical fitness of the human body from some diseases, injuries and especially mental health. The programme consisted of a competition and award ceremony. One physiotherapy clinics, four public awareness workshops, and two sports injury management workshops served more than a thousand individuals including patients. This series included ten (television) coverage.

With the guidance and contribution of 30 physiotherapists representing CSP (SL ) the final day of the programme was held on World Physiotherapy Day on 8th September at the CSP Headquarters. An award ceramony took place, as well as  free clinical and awareness events promoting the value and importance of physical therapy to the public.