To mark World Physical Therapy Day 2018 the Latvian Physiotherapists’ Association organised several events to take place on 8th September and throughout the month.

Activites were held for both the association and individual physiotherapists. All activities were centered on this year's message of “Physical Therapy and Mental Health”.  Ahead of the day, the Latvian Physiotherapists' Association prepared infographics for the public and sent out a press release with the message that physical therapists can work in mental health field (“Mental Health is all Physio’s Business!”). During September physiotherapists organised various activities in health care institutions around the country to talk with patients and patient groups about mental health and how physiotherapists can help to promote mental health with exercise and physical activities.

The second Latvian Physiotherapists Conference was held on Saturday 8th September. More than 350 physiotherapists participated in the conference on this year’s theme “Physical Therapy and Mental Health”. After keynote lectures and practical master classes a social event was held for physiotherapists to celebrate World Physical Therapy Day in an informal atmosphere.