This year, the World Physical Therapy Day was celebrated in several different ways in Taiwan. To advocate the concept that ‘physical therapists are the movement experts’ and ‘physical activity and exercise is good for both physical and mental health’, this year’s activities made good use of social media (Facebook) to spread the idea to the public. The Taiwan Physical Therapy Association (TPTA) produced four profile pic frames for Facebook allowing physical therapists to apply the frame effect to their own Facebook page.

TPTA also for the first time started a fan page on Facebook (as above) called ‘Movement for Mental Health’ for people to upload their photos with their PTs (https://www.facebook.com/groups/298249884067667/permalink/320939728465349/) and left messages to talk about how they worked with their PTs to stay healthy (https://www.facebook.com/mike.ho.52687/videos/pcb.319819951910660/10157903772444478/?type=3&theater).

8th September this year was also the date for TPTA Autumn Scientific Conference at which there were many photos frames for the participants to take photos with during the breaks.

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