The Association Beninoise des Kinesitherapeutes - Reeducateurs (ABEKIR) celebrated World Physical Therapy Day 2017.

On 23rd September ABEKIR organised activities to raise awareness of physiotherapy and to highlight the spirit of the Beninese population in general and that of the city of Parakou; a northern city that hosted activities around this year's "Physical Activity for Life" theme. To achieve this goal, presentations were made by physiotherapists in the large conference room of the Hospital of Armed Instruction (HIA) on the topics "Role of physiotherapists in healthcare", "Clubfoot management by PONSETI method "and" Role of the physiotherapist in improving the performance of the athlete ". The audience was composed of fellow physiotherapists from almost all over the country, staff from the various departments of the HIA, patients from almost all over the country and sports groups from the city of Parakou.

All this mobilisation was possible thanks to the information and the communications made several days before the event via radio channels and posters set up in the city.

Download the full report (please note this report is in French)