The Cambodian Physical Therapy Association (CPTA) celebrated World Physical Therapy Day 2018.

On 1-3 March 2018, through the support International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), CPTA conducted physical therapy awareness on the importantance of physical therapy education to 1,000 high school students who visited the Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) Festival at the Olympic Stadium of Cambodia aiming to attract them to study physical therapy. Some anatomy tools, physical therapy and exercise equipped were displayed and explained to the high school students.

On 14, 21 and 28 September 2018, in collaboration of University of Health Sciences (UHS), CPTA team held a presentation on the importantance of physical therapy education to 76 passed high school students who visited the Open House of UHS. The physical therapy team of CPTA and UHS gave explainations of the physical therapy equipment in the practical room of the physical therapy unit of UHS.

On 4 May 2018 and 3 October 2018, in collaboration with ICRC, CPTA and ICRC provided a presentation of conditions needed for physical therapy and referral to 30 health staffs at Kampong Thom Provincial Hospital and 17 health professional staffs at Rattanakiri Provincial Hospital respectively.

On 15-19 October 2018 the CPTA team conducted a radio talk show in Tonle Radio Station for one hour per day to promote and disseminate the importance of physical therapy education and competency of physical therapy to a radio audience, specially to previous high school students to select a physical therapy major for their university’s study.

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