Past Presidents

Name Years  
Mildred Elson (USA) 1953-1956

"The profession is strengthened in every country by being a member of a distinguished and honorable family, the World Confederation"

Mildred Elson, WCPT's inaugural President pictured in 1954 (on left)

Gwen Griffin (UK) 1956-1959
Rudie Agersnap (Denmark) 1959-1967
Glen Park (New Zealand) 1967-1970
Doreen Moore (Canada) 1970-1974
Eugene Michels (USA) 1974-1982
Margrit List (Germany) 1982-1988
Brian Davey (Australia) 1988-1991
A J Fernando (Canada) 1991-1995
David Teager (UK) 1995-1999
Sandra Mercer Moore (Australia) 1999-2007
Marilyn Moffat (USA) 2007-2015