WCPT reports

WCPT has published many reports covering its achievements, history, the proceedings of significant meetings, and issues facing the profession worldwide.  Many are available to download here as pdfs.

WCPT report on disaster management

Highlighting the role of physical therapists, this in-depth report details guidelines and resources to support practice in disaster management.


Disability access briefing paper

Briefing paper: Access to physical therapist education and practice for people with disabilities.



WCPT quadrennial report (video) 2016

Launched at the 18th General Meeting in 2015, this video report, entitled “WCPT in 2015: meeting the needs of members”, provides an overview of the work of WCPT from 2011 to 2015. It includes graphics and interviews with the WCPT President and Secretary General.

WCPT 60th anniversary publication

Published to coincide with WCPT's 17th General Meeting in Amsterdam, this report includes a review of WCPT's achievements over the past four years and over the 60 years since it was established. It includes information about the work and aspirations of WCPT today in the context of its history and growth.

WCPT Quadrennial Report 2007

Published for distribution at the 16th General Meeting in 2007, the quadrennial report provides an overview of the work of WCPT for the period between the 15th and 16th General Meetings (2003-2007). Included are descriptions of each region and subgroup along with a report of their activities. 


WCPT Quadrennial Report 2003

Published for distribution at the 15th General Meeting in 2003, the WCPT Quadrennial Report 2003 provides an overview of the work of WCPT for the period between the 14th and 15th General Meetings (1999-2003).  Included are descriptions of each region and subgroup along with a report of their activities.  

WCPT - the first 50 years

Published in celebration of 50 years of the WCPT (1951-2001), this 16 page monograph reflects some of the issues, achievements and events which shaped the Confederation's development from its inception to its 50th year. The material is organised by decade and includes photographs from meetings and congresses.

If you would like an original copy of this document please contact info@wcpt.org

WCPT annual reports

WCPT annual reports provide an overview of the work of WCPT during the twelve month period.

Report of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Expert Meeting 2001

This meeting facilitated the exchange of information, developed a shared vision for EBP in physical therapy and stimulated thinking about plans for collaborative international projects. The outcome of the meeting was a programme to support the development of EBP in physical therapy.

WCPT briefing paper: Primary health care and community based rehabilitation

Implications for physical therapy based on a survey of WCPT's member organisations and a literature review.