External publications on community based rehabilitation

There is a wide range of publications on CBR from the World Health Organization and other organisations.

They are divided into the following categories:


You can find links to the main physiotherapy journals on the electronic journals page of the evidence based practice section of this website. Not all of the journals provide access to full-text articles, some only provide the contents list, and others allow access to abstracts. Some operate an email alert service, which emails the current contents to you when a journal is published. Others provide the option to pay to obtain particular articles.


World Health Organization

Publications from other organisations

A few key organisations publishing community based rehabilitation material are listed here.  Others are listed on the page on organisations.

  • University of Sydney

The Centre for Disability Research and Policy at the University of Sydney, in collaboration with CBR stakeholders from the Asia Pacific region, has produced a Monitoring manual and menu (MM&M) for CBR and other community-based disability inclusive development programs. The MM&M offers these programs guidance to plan and implement locally controlled monitoring activities that empower stakeholders with information – including but not limited to people with disabilities, their families and communities.

  • Campbell Systematic Reviews

Published in September 2015 Community-based Rehabilitation for People with Disabilities in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review of CBR. The authors conclude: ‘The evidence on the effectiveness of community-based rehabilitation in low- and middle-income countries suggests that CBR may be effective in improving the clinical outcomes and enhancing functioning and quality of life of the people with disabilities and his/her carer. However the heterogeneity of the interventions and scarcity of good-quality evidence means that we should interpret these patterns with caution.’.

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