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  • Evidence-Based-Health

Evidence Based Health (EBH) is the application of critical appraisal to problems in health care. This list is for teachers and practitioners in health related fields; to announce meetings and courses; stimulate discussion; air controversies and aid the implementation of EBH.


EVIMED es una lista de distribucisn dedicada establecer un nexo de unisn en castellano, entre todos los profesionales sanitarios interesados en la medicina basada en la evidencia o en pruebas (MBE). Entendida esta, como la utilización concienzuda, juiciosa y explícita de las mejores pruebas disponibles, en la toma de decisiones sobre el cuidado de la salud del individuo.

La misión principal de la lista es establecer un foro de discusión donde se comparta ideas, información, recursos y experiencias entre aquellos que se dedican a la práctica, enseñanza y difusión de la MBE.

A Spanish list dedicated to discussion topics concerned with evidence based health care. Its purpose is to provide an electronic discussion forum in Spanish, for people working or teaching evidence based medicine (EBM). This list facilitates discussion on new ideas, research, education or practice of EBM. Also it aims is to promote information sharing, collaborative working or education, joint problem-solving and mutual support in mains topics related to EBM. Primarily in Spanish and dedicated to the Spanish health care professional community, non-Spanish, specially Latin American, views are also welcome.

  • Health Outcomes and Health Technology Assessment

The home page of the Health Outcomes and Health Technology Assessment site from New Zealand provides information on joining this list. This list provides a forum for discussion and debate on Health Outcomes and Health Technology Assessment. It aims to: assist the process of information exchange between purchasers, policy makers, practitioners, academics and consumers in health related fields; announce meetings, conferences, courses and web sites of interest to list members; stimulate discussion, promote awareness of health outcomes measurement, health technology assessment, clinical practice guidelines, critical appraisal and other health related resources.

  • Critical-Appraisal-Skills

The Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) develops educational interventions to help health service decision makers, and those who influence health service decisions, develop skills in the critical appraisal of evidence about effectiveness, to promote the delivery of evidence-based healthcare.

  • Physio Mailbase

The PHYSIO mailing list is for general information and discussion on all matters of relevance to physiotherapists, in the UK and beyond. Participation is invited from anybody with an interest in physiotherapy - undergraduate students, researchers, educators, clinicians, and administrators.

  • Pther

PTHER is a forum for the exchange of ideas and information of importance to physical therapists and to the general advancement of the field of physical therapy. Practicing physical therapists, students of physical therapy, and those interested in physical therapy and related fields are encouraged to subscribe and participate.