Electronic journals on evidence based practice

The following list is by no means exhaustive, but provides you with links to some journals of greatest relevance to physiotherapy and evidence based practice. Not all of the journals provide access to full-text articles, some only provide the contents list, others allow access to abstracts. Some operate an email alert service, which emails the current contents to you when a journal is published. Others provide the option to pay to obtain particular articles.

They are divided into two categories:

In addition take a look at BioMed Central, a publisher of 183 peer-reviewed journals. This does include publications relevant to physical therapy.

Physical therapy and physical therapy related journals

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Advances in Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation

Advances in Physiology Education

Age and Ageing

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Annals of Internal Medicine

Archives Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Arthritis Research and Therapy



Critical Care

European Journal of Pain

European Journal of Physiotherapy

Fisioterapia (Spanish)

Fisioterapia e Pesquisa

Fysioterapeuten (Norwegian)

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

Health Statistics Quarterly

Hong Kong Physiotherapy Journal

International Journal of Physiotherapy

International Journal of Rehabilitation Research (official Journal of the European Federation for Research in Rehabilitation)

International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation

Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice

Journal of Applied Physiology

Journal of Biomechanics

Journal of Exercise Physiology Online

Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy

Journal Of Neurologic Physical Therapy

Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy

Journal of Physical Therapy Science - English version

Journal of Physical Therapy Science - Japanese version

Journal of Physiotherapy (Australia)

Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine (previously the Scandinavian Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine)

Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development

Journal of Sports Science and Medicine

Journal of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association - English version

Journal of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association - Japanese version

Journal of Women's Health Physical Therapy


MS in Focus

Multidisciplinary Association of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals

Manual Therapy

New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy

Pain Clinical Updates

Physical Therapy - Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association

Physical Therapy in Sport

Physical Therapy Reviews

The Physician and Sportsmedicine

Physioscience (Germany)

Physiotherapy - Journal of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Canada

Physiotherapy Research International

Physiotherapy Theory and Practice

PT in Motion (previously PT Magazine)

Rehab Management

Respiratory Research

Revista Brasileira de Fisioterapia (Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy) Free access to articles are published in both Portuguese and English

Revista iberoamericana de fisioterapia y kinesiologia (Spanish with abstracts in English)

Revista Mexicana de Medicina Física y Rehabilitación - Spanish



Sport Journal



EBP journals

ACP Journal Club (American College of Physicians)


Clinical Evidence Online access is provided free or at greatly reduced rates to developing countries (commenced June 2002). This is part of an initiative spearheaded by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the British Medical Journal (BMJ). Six of the world's leading medical publishers have joined forces in a unique venture to enable more than 100 of the poorest countries in the world to access vital scientific information in an affordable way through the internet. The breakthrough was announced in a press release from the WHO in 2001. Further coverage and comment can be seen in the BMJ.

Effective Clinical Practice

Effective Health Care Bulletins  From the NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, York, UK. Examples of topics relevant to physical therapy: Acupuncture 2001, Acute and chronic low back pain 2000

Evidence Based Healthcare

Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence Based Mental Health

Health Evidence Bulletins Wales

Health Technology Assessment