New WCPT awards programme

A new WCPT Awards programme will be launched in September, following the appointment of the Awards Committee, and the finalisation of award categories.
These awards recognise outstanding contributions made by physical therapists to the profession at an international level. They will be presented during WCPT's Congress, World Phyiscal Therapy 2011, in the Netherlands in 2011.
The newly appointed Awards Committee will review the nominations received, and make recommendations to the WCPT Executive Committee as to the recipients. Zola Dantile, the WCPT Vice President, is the Chair, and there are representatives from each WCPT region:
  • Dele Amosun from South Africa (Africa Region)
  • Barbara Hetherington from New Zealand (Asia Western Pacific Region)
  • Sigrún Knútsdóttir from Iceland (European Region)
  • Tony Chang from Suriname (North America Caribbean Region)
  • Gil Lúcio Almeida from Brazil (South America)
They will judge entries in five categories – slightly amended from previous years. “After the last awards programme, it was commented that the awards seemed to run together, and weren’t sufficiently distinguished,” says Brenda Myers, WCPT Secretary General. “Simplifying the structure of the programme, and giving each award a shorter title and distinct identity, should help to rectify this.”
The awards are as follows:

Mildred Elson Award

For sustained and continuous leadership over a career, the award honours physical therapists who, like Mildred Elson, have contributed significantly to the development of physical therapy at an international level.  It is the highest honour that WCPT can bestow.

International Service Award

Awards for international service are to honour individuals who have made a great contribution towards physical therapy internationally or within their region.

Humanitarian Service Award

WCPT is seeking to recognise individual physical therapists who have improved people’s lives through their exceptional care, compassion, dedication and personal commitment.

Leadership in Rehabilitation Award

The purpose of this award is to recognise an individual or group who are not physical therapists and who have made a great contribution to rehabilitation and/or global health.

Recognition of Service to WCPT Award

WCPT will recognise individuals who have contributed to WCPT as chairs of regions and subgroups and through membership committees.
The call for nominations will be issued in September.  Nominations will be accepted from member organisations, regions and subgroups for all of the awards, apart from the Mildred Elson Award, where nominations may only be made by WCPT member organisations, and the Recognition of Service to WCPT Award, where nominations are made by the WCPT Executive Committee.