New group on work and health seeks subgroup status

An international group of practitioners working in occupational health, ergonomics and vocational rehabilitation is establishing an organisation provisionally entitled the International Federation of Physiotherapists in Work and Health (IFPWH), with the aim of becoming a subgroup of WCPT.
A group of interested practitioners met at the WCPT Congress in Vancouver in 2007 and proposed that such a group be formed. In March 2009, the group met again at the International Congress on Occupational Health in Cape Town, South Africa, to decide on a course of action that would lead towards international recognition, with a view to achieving recognition as a WCPT subgroup within a year.
This will require the support of WCPT member organisations or groups recognised by their WCPT member organisation from at least 10 countries, and from three different WCPT regions. Support has already been gained from organisations in Finland, the UK, Brazil, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.
The proposed IFPWH are hoping to have an occupational health/ergonomics board on the discussion forum of the WCPT website later this month. It is keen to hear from other recognised clinical, occupational and special interest groups which are recognised by WCPT member organisations, or from member organisations themselves.
If you are working in this field, or represent an organisation that is likely to want to become involved, then please contact the co-ordinator Rose Boucaut [email protected]