World Physical Therapy Day 2009 activities - Taiwan

It was the first time The Physical Therapy Association of the Republic of China (Taiwan)(PTAROC) had organised such an event to celebrate World Physical Therapy Day. The special half-day event consisted of several activities encompassing this year’s theme, “Movement for Health”. The celebration took place at the School of Physical Therapy, National Taiwan University and attracted many physical therapists and members of the public from all Taiwan to join the joyful event:

  • celebrations started with a special speech given by the first Chinese female Olympic winner (bronze medal in low hurdles in 1968), the world famous athlete, Ms Cheng Chi, together with Mr Wen-Jen Chien, the president of the PTAROC, on the subject of how movement can benefit our health. Ms Cheng Chi, who is also the founder of the Hope Organisation, has been promoting the idea of “walk for health” for years. She encouraged the participants to appreciate the benefits of exercise to our body and mind. Accompanying the speech, a Mr Jie-Chen Cui, who just turned one hundred years old earlier this year, demonstrated his own way of maintaining health by twenty types of self-created mat exercises. President Chien also stressed the importance of making exercise a daily routine, as evidence shows that well-planned exercises can not only lower the incidence of many diseases but also help rejuvenate one’s body and mind
  • fitness testing for the public was carried out, along with a competition of taping skills for physical therapists. Therapists from all over Taiwan decided to flex their muscles in the elastic taping contest. It was the first time the association had held such a competition and the judges and contestants were all enthusiasts in elastic and kinesio taping. After three rounds of competitions, the winner of the finals, Mr Ho-Chi Chien, a physical therapist with about 10 years clinical experience, walked away with a medal and a cash prize equivalent to ₤100 pounds
  • the association’s intention was to make the government and public recognise the importance of including fitness testing in a regular health check-up

With the success of this year’s celebration, PTAROC has decided to make World PT Day also a Taiwan PT Day from this year onward. Coincidentally, World PT Day is right before the Sports Festival on September 9, a day to encourage participation in sports and exercise for health, and the Double Ninth Festival in lunar calendar, a day dedicated to senior citizens to promote active ageing and good health. It is therefore just the right time to remind physical therapists and the public the importance of this profession in promoting holistic health and well-being for people with a wide spectrum of age and conditions, and to unite physical therapists together for facilitating the professional growth in Taiwan.

Download a full report and images of the event.