World Physical Therapy Day 2009 activities - Rwanda

As a response to this year’s "Movement for Health" theme, the Association of Rwandan Physiotherapy took the whole month of September to sensitise the public about the importance of exercising for better health as a way of preventing the "diseases of civilisation". This was mainly done through holding talks on national and private radio stations, as well as national TV. During these talks, the public were invited to participate in a “health walk" which was organised in Kigali City, to demonstrate and motivate the public practically on how to exercise. After the walk, all participants gathered for a further demonstration on aerobic exercises and some speeches.

This year’s sensitisation for exercising was done in collaboration with the Association of Sports for Workers, Heart Foundation and nutritionists, through ministries of youth, health, sports and culture in Rwanda. The "health walk was very motivating and many people attended, including the Minister of Sports and Culture, and the Minister of Youth. In his speech the Minister of Sports and Culture, who was the guest of honor at the function, indicated his support and recommended that such “action oriented sensitisation" of sports for the public be done frequently.