Physical therapists required in disaster and development

WCPT has received several calls for physical therapists from international agencies. We will do our best to update the information as we become aware of new opportunities and resource materials.

For further details of the most recent calls below, please contact the agency/ies directly.

Handicap International Belgium - the Emergency team

The Emergency Unit of the Department of Emergency Actions (DAU) at Handicap International (HI) in Brussels is currently updating and formalising a “Recruitment Pool” for physical therapists amongst other health professionals.

Natural disasters, armed conflicts or a major accident are unpredictable and require prompt assistance. The “Recruitment Pool” is used to meet the emerging needs due to these events. The DAU sends health professionals on a regular basis to assist in contingency missions (short term mandates ranging from a few weeks to several months) for actions linking relief and development.

The main objective of the pool is to better target candidates, to contact them when positions on an emergency project are open. Such a pool should therefore save valuable time during the recruitment process.

HI also intends to organise activities to increase the pool and to inform/train people taking part (newsletter with news from the field and headquarters, briefings and references to training materials, forum etc.).

Joining the pool is simple: you fill out the basic standardised CV with the required information, attach a current CV and/or cover letter, and send by email to From this point, your data will be part of the pool and you will be informed concerning our job openings (depending on the requested profile) and HI activities, actions, events and news.

Download more information on the Handicap International Emergency Response Unit (DAU) and Emergency Committee.

Handicap International - call issued 2 July 2013

Rehabilitation project manager - UK 

Handicap International is seeking a physical therapist to develop the rehabilitation component of the UK International Emergency Trauma Register. The job involves: identifying, training and integrating British rehabilitation professionals (physiotherapists, occupational therapists) onto a national trauma register for overseas deployments; providing pre-deployment rehabilitation training to surgeons, nurses and other medical members of the national register; and providing field and/or distance-based technical support to deployed rehabilitation professionals to ensure adequate quality control.

Start date: July 2013

Assignment: 2 years

Download the full job description.

For more information contact Diane Francou at