Turkish Physiotherapy Association celebrates its 40th birthday

The Turkish Physiotherapy Association was established at Hacettepe University in 1969. It held a ball on 24th October to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Many founders, and those completing their 40th year in the profession, attended, and were presented with commemorative plaques.

The profession of physiotherapy has not yet been defined by laws in Turkey, according to President Bulent Elbasan. “So concentrated efforts are being made by the association on this issue at the Ministry of Health, Ministry of National Education and the Turkish Grand National Assembly. We have gathered comments from medical associations in Turkey, and physicians involved in all the fields of medicine share the opinion that they have to work directly with physical therapy professionals.”

The Turkish Physiotherapy Association organises many in-service training courses and seminars to increase its members’ knowledge and skills. “These training activities, courses and seminars, are given by well-trained and experienced instructors both from the country and abroad,” says Bulent Elbasan.