Subgroups in the making need to hear from special interest groups

Six global organisations for physical therapists are working towards recognition as official WCPT subgroups. But to achieve their aim, some need to make contact with special interest groups linked with WCPT Member Organisations around the world.

The organisations seeking recognition as WCPT subgroups cover:

  • animal therapy
  • cardiothoracic physiotherapy
  • occupational health
  • neuroscience
  • electrophysical agents
  • education.

The International Society of Educators in Physiotherapy (ISEP), for example, is a network that aims to encourage global communication between educators to promote excellence in physiotherapy education and practice. But to gain subgroup status, it needs to change its constitution, so that its membership consists of groups affiliated to WCPT member organisations. Any such organisations, or WCPT member organisations, that wish to become involved with the ISEP should contact its President Gillian Webb at [email protected]

The International Cardiothoracic Physiotherapy Confederation is also calling on WCPT member organisations to contact it. After the WCPT Congress in 2007 a number of representatives of national cardiorespiratory groups expressed a desire to form an international confederation and a steering group was formed including representatives from bodies in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Now it would like to ensure as comprehensive representation as possible, and is inviting WCPT member organisations to forward details of the national cardiorespiratory group which may be operating within their organisation. This information can be sent to the steering group Chair, Shane Patman at [email protected]

Details of these and the other organisations seeking to be recognised as a WCPT subgroup can be found at