Physiotherapists crucial in fight against lifestyle diseases, Nigerian official says

A state governor speaking at the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy’s annual conference and general meeting stressed the important contribution of physiotherapy to a nation’s health.

Babatunde Fashola, Lagos State Governor, said that the mass exodus of people to the cities in Nigeria had made the problems of obesity, diabetes and stress more pronounced. More input was needed from physiotherapists to tackle these problems.

He said that many Nigerians have lifestyles which encouraged them to live sedentary lives – many people no longer exercised or knew what a healthy diet was. He added that one way in which the present administration in Lagos had undertaken to encourage people to have more healthy lifestyles was by ensuring that all newly constructed roads had a pedestrian walkway that kept them separate from traffic.

Aderonke Eko, Chairman of the Lagos State chapter of the Nigerian Society of Physiotherapy, said that physiotherapy practitioners hoped to make an impact on Nigerian culture by changing the culture about exercise and health. He described the Lagos State Governor as a great agent for change in this field.