Direct access and patient self-referral

The terms “Direct access” and “self-referral” refer to when patients are able to refer themselves to a physical therapist without having to see anyone else first, or without being told to refer themselves by another health professional.  The extent to which patients can self-refer to a physical therapist varies greatly from country to country.

This section includes WCPT's own resources, and sources of information from others.  These can support advocacy efforts to develop direct access to physical therapy services.

WCPT policies in support of direct access

WCPT has a specific policy statement on direct access and others that support it.

WCPT resources

WCPT has undertaken research on direct access globally and published the results, collated references and produced a Keynote publication.

Resources from WCPT member organisations

A number of WCPT's member organisations have produced resources in support of direct access.

Other resources

Details of other resources.