Around 800 people attended the Israeli Physiotherapy Society's conference.
Around 800 people attended the Israeli Physiotherapy Society's conference.

Israeli Physiotherapy Society marks growth at 10th conference

The Israeil Physiotherapy Society held its 10th annual conference in May, which attracted a record 800 participants.

It marked a decade of growth and achievement for the society: a five-fold increase in membership, the passing of legislation opening the door to direct access and specialisation, and growing collaboration with other health professions’ organisations.

“These and other achievements were celebrated and there was a palpable feeling of empowerment and great hope for the next decade,” said Nirit Rotem of the society. Workshops before and after the conference were held in different cities in Israel to emphasise the society's obligation to reach all physiotherapists.

During the conference, the IPTS held its elections and presented a strategic plan set by the Physiotherapy Council – a collaboration of chief physiotherapists in organisations, large employers, universities, and ministries of health, welfare and education. Linking with the plan, special sessions were held on specialisation, expanding practice and the importance of physical activity in physiotherapy.

There were research lectures on topics such as stem cell treatments, and debates on long-running issues such as group versus individual treatments.