WCPT launches new scheme for sharing expertise

WCPT has launched a completely new global service for sharing expertise, putting together people and organisations that need help with physical therapists who are experts in their field.

It is compiling a database of expert physical therapists prepared to offer their services to help the profession develop internationally. WCPT can match requests for support from member organisations and other institutions – whether it be in the fields of education, practice, research or policy – with the best person to help.

“WCPT’s role is to facilitate people getting together, and otherwise the details of the collaboration are up to the partners,” stresses WCPT Secretary General Brenda Myers. “Like much of WCPT’s work including the website and the common data project which is under development, this project is fundamental to the aims of WCPT because it is about sharing resources for the development of the profession.”

Full information about how the project works can be found on the WCPT website (www.wcpt.org/experts), where there are instructions both for what to do if you wish to share expertise, and what to do if you wish to receive expertise.

Catherine Sykes, WCPT’s Professional Policy Consultant, was responsible for getting the database of experts off the ground. She emphasises that people registering need to have some significant expertise that they can offer to others in the profession. “We want to find people who can support WCPT’s goals by sharing their expertise,” she says.

“The need for the database was clear, because WCPT is frequently asked for advice on areas that impact physical therapy practice, education, research and policy. This may be specific to WCPT’s project work or related to external relationships, partnerships and consultations. In addition, WCPT is looking to develop a programme of short continuous professional development courses and this would be facilitated by a database of experts willing to participate.”

“WCPT has limited financial resources, and relies heavily on the goodwill and expertise of a large number of individuals working collectively to develop the profession internationally. Many physical therapists give their time freely through membership of committees, working groups, subgroups and in undertaking specific pieces of work.”

“This is another way to contribute to the development of the profession internationally, developing collaborations and new opportunities internationally.”