World Physical Therapy Day 2010 activities - Taiwan

This year’s World PT Day was full of events and activities. The PTAROC (Taiwan) has officially made 8 September 8 the Physical Therapy Day in Taiwan to increase the public awareness and recognition of physical therapy profession. The PTAROC (Taiwan) teamed up with the National Federation of Association of Physical Therapists had scheduled many speeches and activities during September, ranging from care of the elderly to back protection, all around the country to celebrate the special day.

The series of activities ended successfully with the visit of the President of WCPT, Dr Marilyn Moffat. During the workshop “Physical Therapists as Exercise Experts for Aging Adults”, Marilyn Moffat stressed that we physical therapists should regard ourselves as the best professionals in safe guarding the health and wellbeing of the ageing population. She also presented in the annual Scientific Meeting of the PTAROC (Taiwan) and gave the keynote speech, “The Challenges Confronting Physical Therapists and WCPT - Moving the Profession Forward around the World”. During her brief visit Marilyn Moffat also made her way to Legislation Yuan and Ministry of Education to state her concerns about the physical therapy education and the clinical environment for practicing with greater autonomy needed and better payment.

The physical therapy profession here has been boosted with energy again to move on for another fruitful year.