The Association des Kinésithérapeutes in Mauritius held a ceremony to mark World PT Day.
The Association des Kinésithérapeutes in Mauritius held a ceremony to mark World PT Day.

Rise in traffic accidents highlighted in Mauritius

The Association des Kinésithérapeutes in Mauritius celebrated World Physical Therapy Day under the Movement for Health theme.  The day’s celebrations helped the association raise awareness among the Mauritian population, health professionals and policy makers about the crucial contribution the profession makes in keeping people well, mobile and independent.  

“This is particularly important in light of Mauritius’s ageing population, increasing rates of non-communicable diseases and road traffic accidents, which are leading to a high level of disability,” said Heenaye Adiilah, President of the Mauritius association. 

“During the last few years, there has been a rise in high velocity accidents and this has resulted in an increasing number of spinal injuries. Other cases of disabilities, such as amputations, are also growing rapidly in Mauritius due to the high prevalence of diabetes among their population.  This reflects the need for specialised rehabilitation with specialised staff and equipment.”

At a ceremony to mark the day, Heenaye Adiilah highlighted the increasing number of unemployed physical therapists in Mauritius, emphasising the need for recruitment among medical institutions, sports rehabilitation centres and other sources.  The Minister of Education, the chief guest, reiterated his wish to integrate physical therapy services into educational bodies to provide early awareness of physical activity among children.  

The next day, the Association des Kinésithérepeutes continued its activities in a state home for elderly people, promoting the role of physiotherapy in keeping older people healthy and independent.  

The World Physical Therapy Day celebrations were covered in the national channel news bulletins. Local newspapers provided wide coverage of all the activities.