Physical therapy undergraduates at McGill University, Montreal, Canada educate passers by about their profession through quizzes and games
Physical therapy undergraduates at McGill University, Montreal, Canada educate passers by about their profession through quizzes and games

World PT Day in brief


Physical therapists highlighted the key role that the profession plays in the health care system. Arthur Woznowski-Vu, Vice President of the Physical and Occupational Therapy Undergraduate Society at McGill University, Montreal, organised undergraduates to provide information to the public and university personnel about the profession.  They handed out pamphlets and fact sheets, organised quizzes and knowledge games.


The national press in Guyana published articles on 8th September highlighting World Physical Therapy Day and the role physical therapists play in treating and preventing many problems caused by pain, illness, disability and disease, sport and work related injuries, ageing and long periods of inactivity.


The Associazione Italiana Fisioterapisti (AIFI) launched a press campaign about unauthorised physical therapy in the week of World Physical Therapy Day.  It produced a poster and made a toll-free number available.

It also issued a press release giving basic information about physical therapy with a focus on back pain in schoolchildren.  This will be followed by further activities during the academic year. The events generated publicity in the national press.


Many physical therapy institutions in India observed World Physical Therapy Day, holding camps, continuing education, walkathons, poster presentations and workshops.

Era’s Lucknow Medical College and Hospital, along with the Rehabilitation Society of India, celebrated World Physiotherapy Day with a one-day workshop for students held by Ali Irani, President of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists.

Kims College of Physiotherapy celebrated by organising a three-day event including an awareness walk, academic sessions, paper presentations and an inter-college cultural competition.

The College of Physiotherapy Ahmednagar Maharashtra at the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences celebrated by organising fitness test camps in public places and holding a physiotherapy quiz for the students.  

The Bangalore Physiotherapy Network organised a walkathon to spread awareness about physical therapy. It attracted over 200 people, most of whom had disabilities.

Students from the K M Patel Institute of Physiotherapy, Karamsad, Gujarat, participated in a rally to increase awareness.


The Jamaica Physiotherapy Association chose the week of World Physical Therapy Day to hold its annual seminar.  Following the Movement for Health theme, it was entitled “Keep the Shoulder Moving”.


The Kuwaiti Physical Therapy Association celebrated World Physical Therapy Day for the first time, with events on 8th and 9th September. 

Members prepared brochures, contacted the media and made themselves available to distribute leaflets and talk to the public about the roles and specialties of the profession. The celebrations attracted media coverage in the newspapers, television and radio.


The Asociación Mexicana de Fisioterapia celebrated World Physical Therapy Day across the country. The association used the day as an opportunity to motivate children to exercise, with many physical therapists’ families also participating in events.


The Nepal Physiotherapy Association organised a physical therapy festival in Basantapur in the heart of Kathmandu.

The programme aimed to raise awareness of the profession among the general public. Physical therapists from various hospitals, institutions and organisations distributed leaflets about posture, neck care and back care.  They gave advice about ergonomics, discussed the benefits of exercise and raised awareness about the risk factors for diabetes, obesity and heart related disease.  Approximately 100 patients were treated and counselled.

Trinidad and Tobago

The Physiotherapy Association of Trinidad and Tobago sent a newsletter promoting the profession to all its members, asking them to forward it to family, friends and acquaintances. The newsletter provided information on how physical therapists could help build healthier communities.  It included an A-Z of physical therapy, and information on the diseases, injuries and conditions that physical therapists treat.


The physical therapy department in San Pedro College held several activities to celebrate World Physical Therapy Day, including a free lecture on posture and preventing lower back pain. Exercises to strengthen core muscles were demonstrated.

Brochures were handed out to the community promoting the profession and its vital role in wellness and health, and a free physical therapy service was provided to patients on 9th September


The physiotherapy community gathered on 25th September to celebrate World Physical Therapy Day at the National Library Building.

The Singapore Physiotherapy Association made the theme for this year’s road show “Promoting Health through Physiotherapy”, with the aim of highlighting the role of physical therapists in the prevention of disease and disability. The Minister for Health joined in at the opening demonstration of Tai Chi.

Physical therapists from the acute, community and private sectors set up booths to showcase physiotherapy expertise in promoting healthy living. A public forum on “Exercise and hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia” in English and Mandarin, and a session on strengthening exercises with resistive bands, attracted enthusiastic crowds. 

The day’s event rounded off with a line dance demonstration.


The Schweizer Physiotherapie Verband started their Physiobus 2011 tour on the 8th September.  The bus toured through Switzerland until 27th September, with physical therapists providing advice on back health.  Checkpoints in the bus showed exercises and measures of strength and balance.


An article in local newspapers looked at the role of physical therapy, drawing attention to the profession’s role in keeping people well, mobile and independent.  The article also highlighted the shortage of physical therapists and changing epidemiological trends.

United Arab Emirates

To mark World Physical Therapy Day the Emirates Physiotherapy Society held activities over a week promoting the role of the profession in the government sector as well as in private and public organisations.  Printed materials were produced and lectures were given to the general public.