World Physical Therapy Day 2011 – Pakistan

To celebrate World Physical Therapy Day the Pakistan Physical Therapy Association (PPTA) organised a physical therapy awareness walk in collaboration with Riphah International University. A free physical therapy camp at IIMCT Pakistan Railway General Hospital Rawalpindi, was also arranged.

The PPTA President Dr Syed Imtiaz Husain Shah stressed the key role physical therapists play in pre- and post-operative health problems, sports injuries, muscular and joint problems, neurological, cardiac and respiratory conditions. He also focused on paediatric disabilities and women’s health. He additionally expressed his appreciation to all the physical therapists who provided their excellent services in the rehabilitation of the thousands of victims of the 2005 earthquake disaster.

Dr Shah also stated the problems qualified physical therapists face in Pakistan, regarding job opportunities and the legal status of the PPTA to regulate the physical therapy practice and education in Pakistan.

The President of PPTA asked the media to join them in promoting the awareness of the physical therapy profession in the Pakistani community to help decrease the miseries of physically challenged people and convey the message on World Physical Therapy Day "TO MOVE LIFE WITH DIGNITY". Civil society, lawyers, medical community including doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and physical therapy students of different institutes joined the walk.

To further mark the day, on the 8th September 2011 the association officially launched the "Pakistan Physical Therapy Journal".

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