The WCPT Executive Committee pictured with Secretariat members at their meeting in London in November. Back row, from left to right: Margot Skinner, Mabel Yvonne Espinel Gonzalez, Joyce Mothabeng, Tracy Bury, Sandra Thornhill, Catherine Sykes, Johnny Kuhr. Front row: Brenda Myers, Marilyn Moffat, Emma Stokes.
The WCPT Executive Committee pictured with Secretariat members at their meeting in London in November.

WCPT Executive Committee agrees a new framework for action

An intensive strategic planning session by WCPT’s Executive Committee and Secretariat in November has provided a framework for the Confederation’s activities over the coming years.

The Executive Committee (EC), elected at the WCPT General Meeting (GM) in Amsterdam in June, reviewed the decisions made at the GM alongside the global changes that are likely to affect physical therapy and health services, all in the context of WCPT’s vision and mission. As a result, it has produced a strategic plan that updates WCPT’s vision, mission and goals – closely linking them with the work priorities for the next four years.

“At the start of a new four-year planning cycle for WCPT, we wanted to use the foundation of WCPT’s vision, mission, guiding principles and objectives, and make sure they provided crystal clear directions for everything we do,” said WCPT President Marilyn Moffat. “Having done that, we have been able to be equally clear on the work programme over the coming years.”

The work priorities set by WCPT’s member organisations at the General Meeting in June are now positioned in the context of larger goals. “This provides us all with additional impetus, and a knowledge that we are all heading in the same direction,” said Brenda Myers, WCPT Secretary General.

The strategic planning meeting refined WCPT’s mission and guiding principles into a set of five goals. These are to:

  • promote high standards of physical therapy education, practice and research
  • communicate and advocate for and on behalf of the profession
  • assure accountability and excellence in WCPT’s governance
  • collaborate with international and national organisations
  • promote the health, wellness and fitness of global populations.

Detailed strategies and action plans are now being developed to deliver against these goals. For example, to fulfil the goal of promoting high standards of physical therapy education, practice and research, WCPT will:

  • develop its role as a repository of physical therapy information
  • organise the pre-eminent world physical therapy congress
  • develop a strategy to support the implementation of education and practice policies and guidelines.

Each of these actions, in turn, has an implementation plan with performance measures.

“I’m very excited that, with such a vibrant Executive Committee and Secretariat, we have been able to look at our aspirations and plans in such a constructive way,” says Marilyn Moffat.