Focused symposium: Global physical activity transitions: Emerging measurement and therapeutic opportunity?

Speakers: Mark Tremblay (Canada), Vincent Onywera (Kenya), Shuichi Obuchi (Japan), Esko Mälkiä (Finland)

This symposium described the physical activity transitions occurring in high, medium and low income countries including the putative individual, societal and environmental factors contributing to the transition to sedentary living and the implications for injury and rehabilitation. The importance of physical activity behaviours to therapeutic treatment and success and concepts such as behavior compensation, sedentarism and non-exercise activity thermogenesis were explored in the context of acute and chronic treatment and prevention strategies. Methods for measuring and monitoring physical activity for individuals, groups and populations including assessing sedentary, light, moderate, and vigorous physical activity at home, work, play and in transit were addressed.

Length of session: 1.5 hours

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