WCPT puts new emphasis on clarity and communication

WCPT is putting communications at the centre of its agenda for the next three years and beyond, with a new strategy to engage and promote its services to member organisations and individual physical therapists.

WCPT’s Executive Committee enthusiastically approved the plan at its meeting in London in March. It revolves around targeting information at those who need it most, making more people aware of the array of resources WCPT makes available, and maintaining high standards of clarity in use of language and visual materials.

“We’re trying to make communications central and target information to those who need it so that the voice of WCPT and physical therapy is heard in a much more powerful way,” says Marilyn Moffat, WCPT President.

An important part of the proposals is gaining feedback from WCPT member organisations, other bodies and individual physical therapists. There will be user groups and surveys, but anyone can provide feedback at any time. If you would like to let us know your thoughts on how well the Confederation conveys its messages, or have suggestions for improvement, you can login or register below to post a comment to this article, or directly contact Simon Crompton, WCPT’s communications advisor, at news@wcpt.org.

The plans will bring changes to WCPT’s website, new guidelines for writers, and more effective use of social networking – but they may not be obvious immediately. “We’re planning progressive improvements over the coming years because we want the culture of good communication to permeate everything the organisation does,” says Simon Crompton.