World Physical Therapy Day 2012 - Kuwait

The Kuwaiti Physical Therapy Association (KPTA) held their largest event in the history of physical therapy in Kuwait to celebrate World Physical Therapy 2012.

A World PT Day team was put in place which comprised of 67 volunteers to organise events from 6th – 15th September. The events, all held under this year’s “Fit for life” campaign message, which took place in numerous hospitals and a shopping mall included:

  • a walkathon
  • screening tests for:
    • BMI
    • blood sugar
    • blood pressure
    • heart rate
    • O2 saturation
    • foot examination (pressure points and arch)

Materials were handed out including 20,000 copies of WCPT’s “Fit for life” flyer as well as tens of thousands of copies of flyers on obesity, heart and lung health and healthy back.  Posters were also displayed in 15 hospitals in the country.

The day was a huge success generating extensive coverage in newspapers, radio and television, including several TV interviews.  The event in the shopping mall attracted over 2,000 visitors.

Download the full report and photographs of events.


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