World Physical Therapy Day 2012 - India

The Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP) uploaded a message on their website encouraging their members and physiotherapy colleges/institutes recognised by the IAP to celebrate World Physical Therapy Day to create awareness of the profession to both the general public and other health professionals.

Various colleges, institutes and hospitals celebrated World Physical Therapy Day by conducting awareness programs such as camps and CME programs as their contribution.

Indian Association of Physiotherapists

The President of the association, Ali Irani, spent the entire day at Talegaon College of Physiotherapy which is attached to a government hospital located in the interiors of Maharashtra (rural camp) to talk about physiotherapy and its scope and achievements to physiotherapy students and medical professionals.

RK College of Physiotherapy

The RK College of Physiotherapy, Rajkot Gujarat organised a walkathon to spread the “Movement for Health” message and awareness of the profession.  More than 200 supporters took part including medics, physiotherapists and members of the general public.  Emphasis was placed on the Movement for Health theme and this year’s “Fit for life” message.

Download the full report of activities at the RK College of Physiotherapy.

Private Practitioners' Association

The Private Practitioners’ Association in Mumbai carried out free physiotherapy camps at four different places in Mumbai for the public as an awareness programme.

Sumandeep College of Physiotherapy

The Sumandeep College of Physiotherapy, Gujarat marked the day by organising a CME programme, “Assessment & Management of musculoskeletal / postural disorders” amongst the students of the Sumandeep Vidyapeeth Campus. A good number of students took advantage of this and gave good feedback.

Download the full report of activities at Sumandeep College of Physiotherapy.

KM PATEL Institute of Physiotherapy

The institute promoted this year’s “Fit for life” campaign in their celebrations which included a “Fit for life” poster competition, and flip charts and posters were created to promote the role of physiotherapy.

Download the full report of activities at KM PATEL Institute of Physiotherapy.

Nopany Institute of Healthcare Studies

On the 8th September 2012, the faculty, students and interns of Nopany Institute of Healthcare Studies (NIHS) and staff members of Belle Vue Clinic, Kolkata, jointly celebrated World Physical Therapy Day. Banners and badges were designed within the Movement for Health theme promoting this year’s “Fit for life” message. Banners were placed in hospital lobbies and institutions with volunteers assigned to explain to visitors the concept of fitness and its role in maintaining good health.

Download the full report of activities at Nopany Institute of Healthcare Studies.


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