World Physical Therapy Day 2012 - Zimbabwe

To celebrate World Physical Therapy Day 2012 the Zimbabwe Physiotherapy Association carried out the following activities:

  • The President of the association, Gilson Timire, appeared on a 10-minute slot on national TV on the breakfast show to promote the physiotherapy profession in Zimbabwe.
  • Articles about physiotherapy were published in all the major daily newspapers on the day.
  • The new Zimbabwe Physiotherapy Association pamphlet was printed and distributed in 11 different cities and towns throughout Zimbabwe along with the “Fit for life” fliers printed off the WCPT website.  Pamphlets were also distributed in hospitals, pharmacies medical centres and were delivered to the official medical doctors association headquarters.
  • A group of physiotherapists and student physiotherapists displayed a banner, “Physiotherapy and You”, in the main pedestrian mall in Harare on the 8th September and were able to engage many people to tell them about the physiotherapy profession and hand out pamphlets and fliers. In the other 10 cities and towns, physiotherapists handed out pamphlets and fliers to passers-by and informed the public about the physiotherapy profession.


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