World Physical Therapy Day 2012 - Togo

For the second year the Association des Masseurs-Kinesitherapeutes du Togo (AMKITO) celebrated World Physical Therapy Day.

For 2012 two activities were organised:

  • A conference-debate organised on 7th September 2012 on the theme “The importance of early coverage in Neurology and Trauma”.
  • A cross country race on Saturday 8 September 2012.

The conference was held at the Midwives National College or Lomé, and was led by Professsors Mofou Belo (Neurology department) and Assang Dossim (Trauma department) and physical therapists. Amongst the several participants were physical therapists, nurses, speech and language therapists, prosthetists and orthotists, doctors and representatives from the special foundation for handicapped persons.

Three different groups participated in the cross country race. One group had lower limb amputations who used crutches or prostheses, others had wheelchairs, and some were able-bodied.

Those with amputations power-walked for about 500 meters, the wheelchair-users raced for approximately 800 meters and the able-bodied participants ran for three kilometers.

The three winners from each group received prizes.

AMKITO’s National Executive Bureau would like to thank all of its partners including the Programme for disabilities/trauma prevention and rehabilitation (PITR), The CICR Special Foundation for handicapped persons (FSH), FEOSPHA and BSN the medical laboratory.

Download the full report with further photos (please note this report has been provided to us in French).


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