New plan for WCPT collaboration with World Health Organization

WCPT’s ongoing official relationship with the World Health Organization is charted in a new document setting out a collaboration plan to 2015. The plan records how WCPT projects will contribute to and support the work of WHO.

There are four main areas of WCPT activity highlighted:

  • contributing to WHO invited meetings and fostering multi-sectoral partnerships;
  • building capacity among health rehabilitation policy makers;
  • supporting the production and dissemination of disability and rehabilitation publications, and publications of other relevant WHO programmes;
  • raising awareness about the magnitude and consequences of disability.

“Everyone knows we have an official relationship with WHO. But how does that play out in reality?” asks Brenda Myers, WCPT Secretary General. “This plan, prepared every four years, shows the specifics of how WCPT projects are useful to WHO and member states.”

For example, under the heading “Build capacity among health rehabilitation policy makers”, the plan lists the following WCPT activities:

  • publish on the WCPT website an international profile of physical therapy;
  • maintain a database that can be used to match appropriately qualified physical therapists with requests from WHO for physical therapy expertise;
  • use WCPT communications and partnerships to promote health human resource projects such as positive practice environments, interprofessional education and interprofessional collaborative practice.

“If we compare what we do now with ten years ago, we do so much more,” says Brenda Myers. “It’s obvious how WCPT’s profile has increased, and we have more to say and more work that’s in tune with WHO. We can go to them in confidence and say that we have these documents, these projects and these member organisations, and we have statistics and research that support our work and beliefs.”