New guidelines resource for paediatric PTs

In response to requests from members, the International Organisation of Physical Therapists in Paediatrics (IOPTP) has gathered information on clinical and administrative guidelines available from its member organisations. It is now available from IOPTP’s section of the WCPT website

“The need for these materials arises as many physical therapists in paediatrics do not have the resources available to develop guidelines or fact sheets, but could benefit from materials developed by others,” explains Barbara Connolly, IOPTP President. “So IOPTP member organisations were asked to submit information about materials that were available in their countries and to share this information.” 

The materials fall into two categories: that which can be used as an example of good practice, and that which can be freely reproduced or copied.  

“The IOPTP will annually add new information as additional guidelines and fact sheets are identified by our member organisations,” says Barbara Connolly.